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Operating Hours

In HEI Schools Emerald Early Learning Centre, we are operating from 6:30am to 6:30pm on Monday to Friday every week.

Room Categories

Our children rooms are categorized by the age of the children. Currently we have a room for infant to 3 years old, and another room for kids aged between 3 to 5 years old.

Before and After School

We also provide before and after school services to children who need to be taking care.


teachers matter!

Motivated, skillful and educated teachers create a basis for high-quality education. HEI Schools teachers are experts and reflective practitioners with research oriented approach to early childhood education.


Amanda Patris

Centre Director

Amanda has 30 years experience of delivering early learning and she endeavours to provide a community service that welcomes parent inputs, active family engagement and quality education for 0-5 years old kids.

Amanda is a local resident of Emerald for the past 20 years and she knows the community very well. She is passionate to provide local families and children a high quality early learning service.

Sirpa Turves-Mankila (from Finland)

Director of Curriculum

Sirpa has over 30 years of experience of operating kindergarten in Finland and more than 150 kindergartens were under her management in the past.

Sirpa obtained her Bachelor of Arts in Education in Finland and she is currently completing a Master of Arts in Education in Finland.

Sirpa is the Director of Curriculum of our childcare centre and she would advise and supervise the implementation of Finland early childhood eduation concepts into our childcare centre.

Sylvia Hakari (from Finland)

Curriculum Advisor

Sylvia is the Pedagogical Director of HEI International School. She is very experienced and knowledgeable about HEI Schools concept. With her knowhow, she provides professional advice on the curriculum design for our childcare centre, which is based on HEI Schools concept.

Rachel Lloyd

Early Childhood Teacher / Educational Leader

Rachel is a bachelor degree holder in early childhood study. Her focus is to support children to develop their social and emotional skills, which enables them to be resilient and capable human beings within a social setting.

Children’s individual interests and ideas are the most important part of creating a learning environment. This sees the children remain focused and interested in the material being taught. Rachel utilizes her professional knowledge and experiences to structure the Kinder curriculum and to teach the children skills needed for learning and development.


Lead Teacher

Kieran is the lead teacher for the pre-kindergarten children. He believes in teaching children social justice and rights, which can be found both in his teaching program and his daily interactions with children.



Sarach is a co-educator in the infant room and she has been working locally in early learning for 3 years.

Sarah is passionate about music and fun, and she enjoys developing fun and exciting learning spaces for children.



Taylah is working in all of the rooms in our childcare centre. She believes that active children are engaged children and she is often found in outdoor area engaging in ball games and physical activities with the children, which support health, fitness and brain development of the kids.

Taylah is currently pursuing her Bachelor of Early Childhood Education and Care in Australia.

Amanda B

Assistant Educator

Amanda is an assistant educator in the pre-kindergarten room. She is passionate in taking children to outdoor to connect with the natural environment. The programs that she engages children include gardening, outdoor education, and collecting natural and recycled materials for use in the program.



Amber is working with the children aged under 3 years old. She has a beautiful and calm appraoch to her teaching. She is passionate about small groups and personalized learning journey with children.

Amber is currently pursuing Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care.



Yelda is working with the children in all age groups. She brings along with her a multicultural perspective that she applies to her gentle teaching approach.

Yelda has a Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care qualification.





For any inquiry, please contact us via emerald@heischools.com.au.

or call us on +61 3 5968 5820

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