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HEI Schools is an international preschool concept based on well recognized Finnish early education model, that has been ranked the best in global comparison. Our approach and methods are based on the latest research in education and pedagogy, and it is rigorously tested in preschools across Finland with proven results. University of Helsinki is a HEI Schools founding partner.

In HEI Schools we believe in the power of creativity that leads to new innovative way of thinking and doing - raising the children of 21st century. We combine playful curiosity and the freedom for exploring with deep scientific understanding about how children learn.


learning and growing at hei schools


At HEI Schools learning takes place everywhere and all the time


At HEI Schools we support the child’s holistic growth and learning by combining education, upbringing and care. Education is supported by pedagogical practices that take place on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. Upbringing is provided through the means of passing on cultural heritage and social norms from one generation to another. Care is granted by responding to the child’s social, emotional and physical needs.

HEI Schools concept is inspired by Finnish early childhood education which enhances the child’s perspective and active participation, curiosity and creativity as well as embodying the importance of play and exploring. Our primary mission is to be responsive by creating a place and space to fulfil the needs of every child. When all the important elements in a child’s daily life are aligned they feel safe to explore their environment and learn new things. At HEI Schools we promote the joy of learning, support the freedom of failing and encourage growth through experiencing both.


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Learning forms of expression equip children with possibilities to express themselves. Artistic experiences and expression promote children’s formation of positive self-image, social skills, and the capability to understand the surrounding world.


Learning area includes:

Musical activities

Crafts & visual expression

Verbal & bodily expression

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HEI Schools promotes children’s capability to observe, analyze, and understand the surrounding world. We support the development of children’s linguistic and mathematical skills through different activities in everyday life. Through science and environmental education, we strengthen children’s relationship with nature as well as their awareness of sustainable ways of living.


Learning area includes:

Linguistic skills

Mathematic skills

Science & Environmental skills

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We support children’s growth as conscious human beings and help them to understand what it means to be an ethically responsible member of society. We aim to design inclusive spaces in which dignity and safety are the norm, where diversity is recognized and respected, and where everyone feels encouraged, supported, and included.


Learning area includes:

Cultural competence

Ethics education

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At HEI Schools, we promote children’s socio-emotional competence by practicing empathy and compassion, self-regulation, and naming and recognizing our own and others’ emotions. We also discuss the importance of healthy nutrition, physical activity, rest, and personal hygiene with the children. We encourage them to be physically active in different ways.


Learning area includes:

Socio-emotional competence

Physical wellbeing